Contentious MVP Vote Validates Cabrera

Robin Buckson/Detroit News

One group of voters mattered more than the writers in awarding Miguel Cabrera his American League Most Valuable Player Award during Thursday's dramatics in New York.

The players.

After the most divisive, most acidic, debate I can remember in my baseball experience, Cabrera beat a glorious rookie, Mike Trout, for the 2012 AL MVP plaque.

An official vote confirmed it. Twenty-two of 28 ballots from Baseball Writers Association of America members had etched Cabrera's name into that first-place slot. Six had chosen Trout. Victory for a Tigers superstar, the first Triple Crown winner in 45 years.

But what made this vote, and this sadly polarized discussion, less of an argument and more of a validation, was last week's release of the Players Choice...

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