Payton Tips Hand on Job Future

Payton Tips Hand on Job Future

So we've learned from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell that the New Orleans Saints and Sean Payton are negotiating a new long-term contract extension. So let me get this straight. A full 10 months after the league reportedly rejected Payton's original deal the exiled head coach and club are finally trying to iron out a new deal.

My questions are:

1. What took so long?

2. What is there to negotiate?

The sides agreed to a long-term deal in September 2011. The terms and conditions obviously suited both parties back then. I'm no Scott Boras but it seems easy enough to simply strike the verboten "Loomis clause" and resubmit the contract to the league for approval. That should require, what, 10 minutes?

So why has it taken 10 months?

I could handle this on lunch break at Kinko's and save everyone a lot of time and effort. It certainly would save the Who Dat Nation a lot of unnecessary consternation.

There's only one logical reason why Payton's deal hasn't been finalized.

He is indeed having serious thoughts about leaving. To be more precise, he's having serious thoughts about leaving for Dallas.

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