Red Sox's Best Route: Pricey Free Agents

Red Sox's Best Route: Pricey Free Agents

Here’s what we know about the Red Sox [team stats]’ offseason:

A) They don’t want to hamper their long-term vision by signing/acquiring bad contracts.

B) They value their top-tier prospects too greatly to trade them, even for proven performers like Jose Reyes or Josh Johnson.

C) Fans fear prudence will breed passivity, with the resulting $90 million payroll effectively waving the white flag on 2013.

But what if the Red Sox could accomplish A without compromising B or proceeding directly to C? What if they could demonstrate their commitment to winning now without harming the future one iota?

There’s a way. It’s kind of crazy, but there is a way.

Make overwhelming one-year offers in free agency.

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