Sharing a Name ... and an Outfield?

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There’s always a few sets of brothers kicking around Major League Baseball. The LaRoches back when Andy was able to make a 40-man, the extremely weird Giles brothers a bit before that; the Drews (J.D., Stephen, and Tim), the Aybars (Erick and Willy) and the Izturii (Cesar and Maicer) -- then back through history, the Cansecos, the Ripkens and the Roenickes, the DiMaggios, the Lieters, the Larkins and the Delahantys (there were actually five Delahanty boys in the pros, which is the most in one clutch by my count: Ed, Frank, Jim, Joe, and Tom). And this is hardly an exhaustive list. If you haven’t thought of at least two sets of brothers I’ve omitted already, I question your dedication to this life of useless trivia called baseball.

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