Tebow Has Zero Blame for Jets' Mess

Tebow Has Zero Blame for Jets' Mess

Tim Tebow might be the nicest player ever to turn into a coach-killer.

You’d expect him to have a streak of viciousness, or at least a good heaping of narcissism. But he doesn’t seem to have a disingenuous bone in body. He has the class of Wayne Gretzky, the cool deportment of Derek Jeter, the manners and kindness of R.A Dickey. In so many ways, the New York sports bubble is far better for having Tebow inside of it.

As John Elway once noted, if he ever had to pick a husband for his daughter, Tebow would be the guy. But after that utterance Elway must have wiped the sweat from his brow, because seconds later he traded Tebow from the Denver Broncos, and Tebow became someone else’s problem.

When history shines a light on these New York Jets -- and my, won’t the cockroaches scurry -- for the moment it appears the defining angle will revolve around how Tebow, the near-perfect man and a so-so backup quarterback, ushered in the downfall of coach Rex Ryan.

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