Urlacher Not Using His Brain

Urlacher Not Using His Brain

While the debate about concussions and brain safety rages across the NFL, it’s Cut Block Awareness Week for Brian Urlacher.

“I think they shouldn’t allow cut blocks because our knees are important to us too,’’ the Bears star said Thursday. “I know concussions are a big deal too, but I think cut blocks are a big deal. But that seems to be OK with the NFL. So they’re not too concerned about safety, obviously. They’re concerned about long-term concussions, but immediately, they’re not concerned about your knees or your ankles or anything like that.

“Concussions will take care of themselves. It’s a big deal now to everyone because of all the older players coming back and saying they’re all messed up now. That’s definitely an issue, but I think the cut block seems to be a big issue as well.’’

You can look at that as the ranting of a linebacker who is sick of 300-pound offensive linemen diving at his knees. Or you can look at it as representative of the way many players think: Concussions are like global warming, open to interpretation.

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