Chance to Shine for Boxing's Next Big Thing

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2012. A conference room on the 14th floor of HBO's headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. Adrien Broner, 23 years old and the presupposed future of big-time boxing, undefeated in 24 pro bouts with 20 knockouts, one of the most promising young American athletes in any sport, is here to discuss his forthcoming fight with WBC lightweight champion Antonio DeMarco on Nov. 17 in Atlantic City.

He is impeccably dressed, sporting a powder blue San Diego Chargers flat brim and matching leather jacket that reads: MR. HBO and RETAAAHDED. Over the past year Broner has become the sport's youngest American champion (winning the super featherweight title with a third-round knockout of Martin Rodriguez) and its youngest American ex-champion (coming in three-and-a-half pounds overweight for a...

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