Chargers Should Look to the Future

Chargers Should Look to the Future

The vibe I’m getting out of Chargerville is that when Philip Rivers threw the interception leading to the defeat in Tampa, he also tossed the final dagger into the San Diego careers of coach Norv Turner and General Manager A.J. Smith.

Of course, we perceived the same vibe last year. So much for vibes. A Chargers win in Denver Sunday might lessen it. This isn’t the French Foreign Legion, from which there’s no coming back. But a loss would put the Chargers four games behind the Broncos in the AFC West (a win would leave them a game back), and the playoffs would appear out of the question.

But Smith, or whomever the 2013 GM may be, must look at the history of the Chargers and try not to repeat it. They soon must draft a quarterback and groom him to replace Rivers. Failure to find an heir apparent no doubt will return them to their darkest hours as a franchise.

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