Early Riser Has UCLA Rising

Early Riser  Has UCLA Rising

On Saturday morning, his dad Brett Sr. will start the tailgate ritual at the Rose Bowl, in Lot H. "I'll get there about 5:30," he said the other day, as he sat in his home health-care office.

He will see the sunrise. Brett Jr., the quarterback who is leading UCLA back into football relevance, probably will, too.

Father and son routinely rose at 4 a.m. to run through the neighborhood, beating the summer heat.

It was Senior's thing, since he ran track and played football for Larry Smith at Arizona. When Junior got interested, Senior said, "OK, but I'm not waking you up."

Today he laughs. "And I never had to," he said.

Hundley and the Bruins are riding an upward curve. They have scored 176 points in a four-game winning streak and can win the Pac-12 South if they beat USC on Saturday.

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