Irish Don't Belong in Title Game

Irish Don't Belong in Title Game

It's possible Notre Dame isn't the third-best team in America. I'm willing to consider that argument, but only in one direction. I'll listen to arguments that Notre Dame is more like fourth or fifth.

Second in the country? Or even first? No, I won't listen to those arguments, because those arguments are silly and require more toleration and patience than I'm willing to give, just for the sake of being nice to undefeated Notre Dame.

Notre Dame is having a great season -- Brian Kelly used the word "magical," and I wouldn't dispute that -- but this isn't youth soccer. Not everyone gets an orange wedge or a trophy. The BCS sucks and we all know it sucks, but it's on the way out. In a few years three undefeated teams won't be at the mercy of voters and computers trying to pick the most deserving two. For now, though, this is the system we have. Three undefeated teams. Two to be selected.

Notre Dame on the outside, looking in. Right where it belongs.

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