Luck Gets His Shot at Storied Rivalry

Luck Gets His Shot at Storied Rivalry

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- There's a new wrinkle in the old rivalry, a freshly pressed crease in the Patriots-Colts tapestry that already has a texture of permanence to it.

His name is Andrew Luck, an exceedingly well-prepared young quarterback who has managed the unfathomable: seamlessly replacing his childhood hero Peyton Manning. Luck's uncommon confluence of skills (strong arm, excellent footwork, athletic knack for avoiding the rush, poise under pressure) has already translated into game-winning drives and the official anointment as The Next Big Thing.

Although his NFL career is in its infancy, Luck has confronted expectations of LeBron-esque proportions with the correct mix of humility, temerity and talent.

He comes to Foxborough on Sunday to meet Tom Brady for the very first time.

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