Drugs Don't Matter to NFL, MLB

Drugs Don't Matter to NFL, MLB

The war against tackle football continued last week at, of all places, Harvard.


Ascending his bully pulpit, this time in front of students and professors from the Harvard School of Public Health, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell identified his league's "biggest challenge" as "changing the culture in a way that reduces the injury risk to the maximum possible extent, especially the risk of head injury."


The NFL, it appears, is too rough. Who knew?


Forgive me, though, for reducing Goodell's well-parsed words to a glib, one-sentence synopsis. The NFL commissioner has made it clear that the league is publicly concerned about the long-term effects of concussions.


Just last week three NFL quarterbacks -- Philadelphia's Michael Vick, Chicago's Jay Cutler and San Francisco's Alex Smith -- were removed from games after sustaining concussions.



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