Night of Upsets Catapults Irish to No. 1

Night of Upsets Catapults Irish to No. 1

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — OK, God, this is only going to add to the certainty of Notre Dame fans that you have conferred most favored university status on their school.


First, the undefeated Fighting Irish require less than a half of a football game to wipe out overwhelmed Wake Forest.

Then, USC loses to UCLA, which means undefeated Notre Dame will face a depressed Trojans team in its regular-season finale. If that’s not enough, USC loses quarterback Matt Barkley to what is believed to be a shoulder injury.


Finally — and this is where the divine intervention talk will move into flat-out silliness — Baylor upsets BCS No. 1 Kansas State by the ridiculous score of 52-24, and No. 2 Oregon loses to Stanford 17-14 in overtime.


When the next rankings come out, Notre Dame will be No. 1 in the country, with a clear path to the national championship game.

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