Royce White Must Save Himself

Royce White Must Save Himself

As a lost, confused young man plays the martyr on Twitter timelines, Royce White's chance to construct a sustainable professional basketball career slips away. He's chasing cheers on the court for the Houston Rockets, but they haven't found him deserving of playing time. So, White started to lash out, search for his stardom in cyberspace, and it's turned a combustible partnership into an embarrassing public spectacle.

White has left the Rockets, and there's no telling when he'll return. Before long, White will lose the platform that he so desperately wants to advocate for mental illness. He's fighting a noble fight, with the most noble of intentions, and perhaps someday he can be remembered as a trailblazer on the issue of anxiety disorders.

Yet now, this can't be his crusade, his burden. It's too much. People have tried to tell him this. Royce White needs to save himself and save his basketball career. Without the NBA, his desire to bring awareness – to be a champion for change – will come to an unapologetic and abrupt end.

As White turns this organization into his betrayers, turns himself into a martyr of injustice, he should be preparing himself for the end of his NBA career. This is professional sports, and the cold truth is this: So far, he isn't worth the trouble. So far, he was a waste of a draft pick at No. 16, a waste of the time and care invested in him. Maybe that's hard for him to hear, but it's true – and only he can change it.

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