Shuffle 'Em: Baylor Helps Makes Mess of BCS

Shuffle 'Em: Baylor Helps Makes Mess of BCS

WACO, Texas – It took the nation's worst defense to play its best. It took an Oregon transfer shining on a night Oregon could have used him. It took a huge chunk out of the Heisman leader's candidacy.


It took a central Texas upset to wake the echoes in northern Indiana and reshuffle the BCS standings.


Baylor 52, Kansas State 24. Gentlemen, re-start your computers.


Big winners? Notre Dame, of course. Everyone's dismissed and barely discussed BCS No. 3 now controls its own destiny for it first national championship in a quarter century. There might be a few woops down in Tuscaloosa, too, where a season that seemed dead a week ago now has new life. Who cares that it's a backdoor Bama would be sneaking through for a second consecutive season?

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