Truth Is, It's Cheaper to Keep Tebow on Bench

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One of the great things about the Jets this year—the only great thing, perhaps—is that by dealing for Tim Tebow, emphasizing the extent to which they'd use him (they said it would 25% of snaps), and not using him nearly that much (it was 10.1% before week ten and inched slightly higher after), they've put the lie to the relentless Tebow hype-machine that is ESPN. The line in Bristol—"You can't talk enough about Tebow"—was never logical, but it at least made a modicum of sense when Tebow was, against all odds, playing in and winning games for the Broncos.


Now? Now it's just completely irrational. Every time the Jets play, it makes less sense to talk about Tim Tebow. Controversy aside, keeping Tebow more or less glued to the bench is starving the raging...

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