UCLA Wins, But USC Still Loves Kiffin

UCLA Wins, But USC Still Loves Kiffin

Outside, amid the swaying and chanting of thousands of fans in soggy blue ponchos, shock pelted the Rose Bowl like the cold rain.


Inside, in an equally stunning turn of events, Lane Kiffin was safe and warm.

In answering a question about his job security moments after an embarrassing 38-28 loss to UCLA on Saturday, the increasingly embattled USC coach said his position for next season had been assured and later told me to call Athletic Director Pat Haden to confirm.


I did, and he did, Haden delivering the news that will stun many Trojans fans as much as their formerly top-ranked team's absorbing only its second beating by the Bruins in 14 years.


"Lane is my head coach, 150%, now and hopefully for a long time," Haden said in a phone interview. "I see the future. I see the potential. I know what he's been fighting through and I like what he's done."

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