Crazy Day Shows 'Bama Still Blessed By BCS

Crazy Day Shows 'Bama Still Blessed By BCS

We'll learn plenty about Max Wittek this week. He's the redshirt freshman who'll be starting for USC on Saturday against Notre Dame. To the rest of college football, he's the bulwark against the Irish's return to glory - their first shot at playing for the national championship since 1988.


Wittek might also be the guy that can clear the way for another all-SEC BCS championship game. The possibility exists for a title game featuring the SEC champion and one-loss Florida, the current pretender to the throne.


You might be sick of the SEC, but we'll tell you who aren't - and they matter a heck a lot more than we do: The voters in the Coaches and Harris polls. And these voters have a particular thing for Alabama and all things Nick Saban.

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