Keseloswki the Toast of NASCAR

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HOMESTEAD, Fla. – They put Brad Keselowski, the freshly-minted Sprint Cup champion, live on SportsCenter Sunday evening, and to commemorate the moment he brought along a ridiculously oversized, maybe 128-ounce glass of Miller Lite, one of his sponsors.

Throughout the nearly five-minute interview he took gulp after big gulp from the glass, right on camera for everyone at home to see. They were the kind of gulps that went beyond the proverbial sponsor plug. He looked exactly like a man who just needed a beer. Not surprisingly, the dehydrated, 155-pound Keselowski was quickly showing the effects.

How you feeling, he was asked.

"Pretty damn awesome," Keselowski shouted into his handheld microphone. "I've got a little buzz going. I've been drinking for a...

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