Maryland Sold Out Its Niche: Basketball

Maryland Sold Out Its Niche: Basketball

This is not about tradition. This is not about history. This is not about money. And please, spare me the business about academics.


This is about sports.

At its core, sports will determine whether what Maryland has done to its athletic department by accepting an invitation to join the Big Ten Conference is a triumph (their contention) or a calamity (the more likely scenario).


At Maryland, the sport that has mattered most over the years is basketball. The Terps won the NCAA championship in 2002, reached the Final Four in 2001 and made 24 NCAA Tournament appearances. They turned out Len Bias, Len Elmore, Buck Williams, Juan Dixon and Greivis Vasquez. They played for decades in the antiquated charm of Cole Field House until 10 years ago upgrading to the comfort and luxury of the Comcast Center. They did all of this as members of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

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