MMQB: Pats the Best? Maybe, But Parity Rules

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Eleven main characters from an eventful Week 11 that had its share of drama.

1. Baltimore defensive keystone Terrell Suggs, who was supposed to be in his seventh month of rehab for an Achilles tear right now, prancing off Heinz Field, savoring a three-game winning streak against the team he loves to hate. "Weird night,'' he said from the bus leaving the place. "No 52 [Ray Lewis], no Lardarius Webb, no Ben [Roethlisberger], no Troy Polamalu, no Hines Ward. Times are changing. But winning's all that matters.''

2. The Gronk, New England tight end Ron Gronkowski, out for a month or so with a broken right forearm, suffered when the Patriots had a 34-point lead over the Colts late in the fourth quarter. There are some opinions on this. Before you freak too freakishly,...

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