Regis on Irish: 'Nervous? I'm Scared to Death!'

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Let's take a journey inside the exhilarated but anxious mind of a Notre Dame football fan right now. What happened Saturday in South Bend was pleasant but also a little melancholy. The Fighting Irish thumped Wake Forest 38-0, improving their record to a stunning 11-0 before their regular-season finale next weekend against rival USC. Notre Dame was good but looked to be in a jam. Despite the win, they appeared destined to stay locked at No. 3 in the BCS standings, behind shiny Oregon and Kansas State, where they'd wind up getting locked out of the national championship.


It was a thrilling, surprising Irish run. But also a tiny bit of a bummer, you know? Time was running out. The most storied college program in the sport had a real shot at going undefeated, only to...

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