Trade Power Struggle for Power Play

Trade Power Struggle for Power Play

WHEN PONDERING the NHL lockout, we can't help but think back and draw comparisons to last summer's London Olympics. Play along for just a minute.


Like NHL Players Association executive director Donald Fehr, swimmer Ryan Lochte had years to practice and focus on his impending battle with incumbent and undisputed pool champion Michael Phelps.


Like NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, golden boy Phelps entered London's showdown with his grasp on the sport slipping. His reign was clearly nearing an end after dominating for so long.

We are now moving into late November. Monday is the 65th day of the lockout, and the NHL is officially in the deep end of the pool. Hockey is fading in the sporting landscape at a time when, especially in Philadelphia, it would be just beginning to gain steam to power a passionate fan base through the cold winter.

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