Rutgers Vaults Light-Years Ahead

Rutgers Vaults Light-Years Ahead

They don’t give out a trophy for this, but there will be a celebration in Piscataway on Tuesday that Rutgers fans will savor for a very long time. Because, at long last, the Scarlet Knights have won a title.

They are the National Champions of Realignment.

Think about it: Who out there did better? Not Syracuse and Pittsburgh, which stunned Rutgers officials when they bolted out the Big East’s revolving door for the ACC. Not West Virginia, which bombed its former league with lawsuits as it ran to safety in the Big 12.

Not Texas A&M and Missouri, the newest members of the powerhouse SEC, and not even the school ushering the Scarlet Knights to their new home. Maryland is so anxious to leave the ACC that it’s willing to pay a $50 million exit fee, but the Terrapins are just moving from one nice neighborhood to better one.

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