Yes, 49ers Have a Quarterback Controversy

Yes, 49ers Have a Quarterback Controversy

Colin Kaepernick was asked, based on coach Jim Harbaugh’s notion of having two quarterbacks with “the hot hand,” if he thought he was ready to be the starting quarterback going forward, and he smiled and said, “I don’t think one game can be a hot hand.”

Thousands will beg to differ after his exemplary work in the 49ers’ ridiculously easy 32-7 throat-punching of the Chicago Bears Monday night. He gave no indication of being the neophyte he did the week before against St. Louis, not only staying in the pocket but commanding it. His raw numbers (16-of-23, 243 yards, two scores, a 133.1 rating) were arresting enough, but the way he rolled the 49er offense and even rediscovered tight end Vernon Davis in a surprisingly easy win over an allegedly good opponent.

Ineed, starting now, he will be considered by the outside world to be the real starting quarterback – even if the ever-coy Harbaugh decides otherwise.

In fact, you’re probably safe in thinking that Harbaugh will decide otherwise. One game does not a star make, and Harbaugh not only knows it, but frankly is banking on it. Having “created” Smith, he isn’t likely to abandon him off one impressive performance against a broken team.

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