Chelsea on Verge of Dreadful Milestone

Chelsea on Verge of Dreadful Milestone

Barcelona are in, and Chelsea are almost out. Tuesday night saw a tale of two champions heading in opposite directions.

For some the results will be cause for schadenfreude, particularly if you hail from the hamlet of Munich in Bavaria. Those folks never got over the fact that Chelsea managed to pip the giants on their home turf thanks to a rearguard action that Napoleon would have admired. Tuesday night, with John Terry and Frank Lampard out, the Chelsea defense crumbled 3-0 to Juventus, a constant, withering threat in Turin. In fact, had it not been for Petr Cech, this game might have had a scoreline better fitting an NFL game.

In Moscow, Barcelona downed Spartak by the same scoreline, skating past the Russians on an icy plastic pitch thanks to Lionel Messi. Barcelona – who were denied by Chelsea as well last season – have been outrageously successful this season and their Argentine star is close to smashing another record. With a haul of two goals on the night, Messi needs only five goals to equal Gerd Muller’s mark of 85 in a calendar year. Whether or not you agree with the merits of this particular “record” – it is, in fact, meaningless – there is no mistaking Barcelona’s unstoppable excellence.

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