More Like Slowtime Than Showtime

More Like Slowtime Than Showtime

Before Mike D'Antoni made his Lakers bench debut Tuesday night, he said that whatever happened against the Brooklyn Nets, he would have to take it sitting down because he was still in pain following recent knee-replacement surgery.

By the third quarter of the Lakers' 95-90 victory at Staples Center, D'Antoni was up and barking at the officials several times. Apparently, what he was seeing on the court was more painful than what he was feeling in his knee.

In the end, after Deron Williams missed a potential game-tying three-point shot and Kobe Bryant hit a pair of free throws with two-tenths of a second left, D'Antoni and the crowd were on their feet and smiling to celebrate the Lakers' ninth straight victory over the Nets (6-3).

"I'm really happy to get a win," D'Antoni said, joking that he had about 15 minutes until his pain-killing medication wore off.

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