NCAA Realigning Its Moral Compass

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Mike Tranghese sat down Saturday and wrote a thank you note to Roy Kramer. Without the BCS, one former commissioner wrote to another, we wouldn't have been able to enjoy the rash of upsets that made the day -- and the game -- greater in the BCS era.

Kramer, the 82-old patriarch invented the BCS while still SEC commissioner in 1998. The system gave life not only to Tranghese's conference, the Big East, but all of college football.

As Stanford beat Oregon and Baylor finished drilling Kansas State, “I wrote him a note,” Tranghese said of Kramer, “telling him how I appreciated what he'd done for the game.”

A couple of days later, Tranghese was reminded why he stepped down as Big East commissioner in 2008.

“I knew,” he...

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