New League 'Where Rutgers Belongs'

New League 'Where Rutgers Belongs'

Tim Pernetti isn’t much for hyperbole — and insists he wasn’t resorting to it when trying to put in perspective what it means now that Rutgers is officially a future member of the Big Ten.

“It’s a transformative event for Rutgers,” the school’s athletic director said.

Faced with the prospect of being on the outside looking in with the recent flurry of conference expansion activity — which has created a clear division between the haves and have-nots in college athletics — Rutgers realized a best-case scenario today when the school announced it was joining the Big Ten at a press conference on campus at the Hale Center. The Big Ten unanimously accepted Rutgers' application, school president Robert Barchi said.

"This is where Rutgers belongs," Barchi said.

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