Heisman Sails Into Uncharted Waters

Heisman Sails Into Uncharted Waters

It’s a stubborn idol.

The Heisman Trophy is 25 pounds but it’s weighed down by much more. It’s an award that is as much forged by unwritten rules, politics and regional biases, as it is bronze.

We’re entering a weekend that could redefine the trophy in a way not seen since inaugural winner Jay Berwanger’s aunt Gussie used it as a doorstop (it’s true).

A freshman and a linebacker.

To understand the absurdity of Texas A&M phenom Johnny Manziel and Notre Dame’s Manti Te’o being the presumptive 1-2 with less than two weeks before ballots are due is to understand the grip that long-held beliefs have had of its voting populace, beliefs which have been built up over 77 years.

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