Knicks Can't Rustle Up Much Linsanity

Knicks Can't Rustle Up Much Linsanity

Jeremy Lin will greet his former teammates on Friday with a fist bump and perhaps a quick embrace, which is standard NBA protocol before the jump ball.

Whether the staged greetings are sincere is another story, but no one will be giving Lin the silent treatment, that’s for sure. Of course, the true test for how the Knicks feel toward the man who became a cultural phenomenon last season will be if Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith, Raymond Felton and the rest of the team gives Lin the “Miami treatment.”

At the height of Linsanity, the Miami Heat executed a game plan that overwhelmed Lin and exposed many of his flaws . It was an unrelenting pressing and doubl e-teaming assault on a player who struggled just to dribble the ball across midcourt. Miami was clearly making a point about the Knicks’ new point guard.

Considering Lin’s controversial departure from New York and some of the public comments made by Anthony and J.R. Smith during the messy divorce, the Knicks might try to send a similar message.


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