Texans' Defensive Problems Exposed

Texans' Defensive Problems Exposed

After two overtime escapes in five days, there finally will be some rest for the weary Houston Texans. With the extended time before its next game, the AFC's best team, now 10-1, must use it to figure out how to get out of its defensive slump.

Thursday's 34-31 road victory over the Detroit Lions was similar to how the Texans survived at home Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. It required another great fourth-quarter comeback from quarterback Matt Schaub and the offense — and added help from the officials on Justin Forsett's 81-yard third-quarter scoring run that wasn't a touchdown.

Facing 24-14 a deficit before the play, Forsett's scamper flipped the momentum in Houston's favor. From that point, the Texans' talented stars Schaub, Andre Johnson (nine catches, 188 yards) and Arian Foster (20 carries, 102 yards, two TDs) led the charge.

They also were fortunate the Lions couldn't quite put the game away.

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