Brain-Dead 'Macho Man' Lived Life on Edge

Brain-Dead 'Macho Man' Lived Life on Edge

During his fistic prime, the only thing faster than Hector Camacho's hands — or his mouth— was his lifestyle. They were all a blur.


We don't know what is more astounding: That Camacho — declared brain-dead Thursday and clinging to life in a Puerto Rican hospital — made it to 50 years old . . . or that the former teenage car thief raised on the streets of Spanish Harlem fought professionally for 30 years, earning millions while pursuing decadence with reckless fury.


Camacho drove through life without a speedometer. And if anyone needed a governor on a high-revving engine, it was the mischievous "Macho Man'' — a 5-foot-6 born-to-be-wild whippet of sass.

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