Jets Mocking Themselves So You Don't Have To

Jets Mocking Themselves So You Don't Have To

W.C. Fields once advised young comedians to “never work with children or animals.” If Fields were alive today, he would have included the Jets in that caveat.


The Jets have provided excellent comic source material for about two years, but their wacky improv has always benefited from a little punching up. In one 52-second span of Thursday night’s 49-19 loss to the Patriots, however, they upstaged any effort to ridicule them.



The Jets may never win the Super Bowl, but with this sequence of plays, they achieved comedy perfection:


Play One: Fourth-Down Folly. On fourth-and-one from the Patriots' 31-yard line, Mark Sanchez hands off to Shonn Greene. Vince Wilfork completely collapses half the Jets line, and Jerod Mayo storms into the backfield to stuff Greene. But the running back desperately reaches forward with the ball, apparently forgetting that he’s surrounded by Patriots defenders. The ball is ripped from his hands, and Steve Gregory chases it down for New England. By the standards of what is to come, this is actually a positive play for the Jets. By fumbling forward, Greene costs the Patriots about eight yards of field position.

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