NFL Turning Helmet-to-Helmet Hits on Head

NFL Turning Helmet-to-Helmet Hits on Head

An initial response to Ed Reed's one-game suspension this week was a shrug. It didn't really matter, anyway. His Baltimore Ravens are playing the San Diego Chargers on Sunday.


It got sillier as other reactions poured in.


Baltimore Sun columnist Mike Preston, a veteran NFL reporter and commentator, lost his grip a tad when he wrote that this was detrimental to Reed's ability to take care of his family. The fine for the one-game suspension, were it to hold up, was hefty, no doubt. But the $423,529 Reed was to lose would still leave him with a remaining annual salary of $6,776,471.

Clearly, even with the price of junk food likely to increase with the departure of Hostess Twinkies, Reed would be still able to feed his kids.


Then, of course, the NFL ran a reverse. The suspension was dropped and the fine reduced to a paltry $50,000. Reed is a three-time offender of excessive helmet-to-helmet hits. This most recent opening of his checkbook brings his total in fines to $71,000 since 2010. Still, bills will be paid at the Reed household.

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