Kelly May Be Wrapping It Up at Oregon

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Chip Kelly is 4-0 in Civil War games. He's now won 15 straight road games, longest streak in America. He has three consecutive undisputed conference championships, three Bowl Championship Series bowl berths, and on Saturday when I asked if the "unfinished business" he talked about when he turned down a shot at coaching in the NFL is still unfinished, he hedged. 

I'd assumed that he was talking about losing to Auburn in the 2010 BCS title game by a field goal at the end of regulation. I'd figured all that was left for the guy who has made road kill of Oregon State while going 45-7 since taking over was to win a national championship. 

"I wasn't talking about wins and losses when I said that," Kelly said. "I was talking what this team is about, we don't grade...

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