Fourth-and-29 Failure Dooms Chargers

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There was the Holley Roller. The Immaculate Reception. The Drive. And now, may we present to you, The Play.

Fourth and 29. Fourth and twenty-nine. Fourth and 29. 4th and 29. Fourth down and 29 yards to go. It’s conceivable there are 29 different ways to say it and not laugh like an idiot about the probable outcome.

What’s inconceivable is to actually convert fourth and 29 the way the Ravens did here Sunday, with the game absolutely on the line, with a dump-off, give-up pass from Joe Flacco that tailback Ray Rice took through the Chargers’ bewildered defense for 30 _ that’s right, thirty _ yards. It led to a last-second field goal that turned the game into a 10-10 tie and eventually ended with another Justin Tucker field goal in overtime that gave Baltimore a...

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