Going to Barclays? Walk, Run, Take the Bus

Going to Barclays? Walk, Run, Take the Bus

Let's say you have tickets to tonight's blockbuster between the Knicks and Nets at Barclays BARC.LN -5.39% Center, the much-hyped first meeting between the teams in Brooklyn. Unless your name is Jay-Z or you're the Nets' starting point guard, the team does not—we repeat: does not—want you to drive.


Do not drive a car. Or a truck. Or a horse-drawn carriage. Their advice, and ours: Take public transportation.


Reason No. 1: There is very little parking, and the few spots that are available tend to be expensive. As a public service to you, dear reader, we would rather you tend to your mortgage than pay for three hours of parking within walking distance of the arena.


The second reason is just as critical: Negotiating rush-hour traffic in our fair city (and beyond) isn't very much fun.


To prove both points, The Wall Street Journal attempted to drive to a recent game from Bloomfield, N.J. (Helpful, say, if you were a fan of the team before it migrated.) It was an experiment of sorts: We would leave at 6:30 p.m. and hope to make it to Barclays by an 8 p.m. opening tip. Easy enough, right?

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