If Value Is Key to MVP, Then Consider Cutler

If Value Is Key to MVP, Then Consider Cutler

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is known for a facial expression so sour that it's launched a website with a gallery of Photoshopped images of him smoking a cigarette. He has such a bad reputation that ESPN's Tom Jackson ripped him Sunday for not speaking to Soldier Field workers on his way into the stadium. He's known for calling off an engagement to a reality star and mother of his child only weeks after popping the question. He's even known for an episode of "South Park," when cartoon fans of his tell him "You kinda suck."

Cutler should also be known as something else:

An NFL MVP candidate.

Football fans and media are dying to hand this season's award to Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning after his inspiring comeback from multiple neck surgeries. But if "valuable" is the key word in the bestowing of this honor, Cutler should win it.

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