Irish Back From Bottom of the Barrel

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When some obscure football ne'er-do-well like this "Notre Dame" suddenly ups and makes the big-big game, its players exultant on the floor of the great Coliseum, well, in a word, Aw.

When a program in this century has lost 38-0 to Michigan, 38-0 to Michigan again, 38-0 to Southern California, 37-0 to Florida State, 38-3 to Southern California, 41-9 to Oregon State, 45-14 to Southern California, 44-13 to Southern California, 41-10 to Southern California, 33-3 to Georgia Tech, 41-14 to LSU, 47-21 to Michigan, 38-12 to Syracuse, 41-16 to Purdue, 37-14 to Stanford, 28-6 to North Carolina State, 31-10 to Penn State, 24-3 to Texas A&M and 44-24 to Southern California, plus losses to Navy and Tulsa among others, we can nod approvingly when it does fumble around and find its...

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