Irish Back From Bottom of the Barrel

Irish Back From Bottom of the Barrel

When some obscure football ne'er-do-well like this "Notre Dame" suddenly ups and makes the big-big game, its players exultant on the floor of the great Coliseum, well, in a word, Aw.

When a program in this century has lost 38-0 to Michigan, 38-0 to Michigan again, 38-0 to Southern California, 37-0 to Florida State, 38-3 to Southern California, 41-9 to Oregon State, 45-14 to Southern California, 44-13 to Southern California, 41-10 to Southern California, 33-3 to Georgia Tech, 41-14 to LSU, 47-21 to Michigan, 38-12 to Syracuse, 41-16 to Purdue, 37-14 to Stanford, 28-6 to North Carolina State, 31-10 to Penn State, 24-3 to Texas A&M and 44-24 to Southern California, plus losses to Navy and Tulsa among others, we can nod approvingly when it does fumble around and find its flashlight.

When a program whose last 12 bowl appearances include losses in three Fiesta Bowls, two Gator Bowls, one Orange, one Sugar, one Independence, one Insight and one Champs Sports for a world-class collection of bowl losses then gets to 12-0 out of the blue, you should not belittle its long-parched fans for staying in the Coliseum just to see star linebacker Manti Te'o do an interview on the ESPN set. They have earned the right to spend part of their Saturday evening waiting to look at a linebacker in a tight-fitting tank top.

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