Jets Should Keep Ryan, But If They Don't ...

Jets Should Keep Ryan, But If They Don't ...

What if the bottom falls out? What if 4-7 becomes 4-9 and ends in 5-11 and the national embarrassment from Thursday night perpetuates for the Jets?


What then? What does Jets owner Woody Johnson do if what already has been a categorical failure of a season continues to get worse?


Does he put another Band-Aid on the program and find a minor scapegoat as he did last year when offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer was asked to leave? Or does he make major changes and blow up the entire operation?


Johnson wants to keep head coach Rex Ryan, and he should. Continuity counts in the NFL. Look at the most successful franchises in the league — the Patriots, Steelers, Giants and Packers, to name a few — and see how often they change head coaches.

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