Sick of the SEC? It's Going to Be a Long Week

Sick of the SEC? It's Going to Be a Long Week

Remember that time a few weeks ago when Alabama lost to Texas A&M and we thought the SEC was finished? That the run of six straight national championships would come to an end? That was a fun few days. Oregon and Kansas State blew it last week, putting Alabama right back into the top two of the BCS. And it turns out we were a Notre Dame loss away from having two SEC teams in the title game for the second straight year.

And you thought you were sick of the SEC before.


With Notre Dame safely in the BCS National Championship game in Miami, college football turns its attention to Atlanta for what will be a much-hyped SEC title game between Alabama, which blew out rival Auburn, and Georgia, which blew out rival Georgia Tech, next Saturday afternoon. It’s hard to argue against Alabama’s national title case if it wins, and the same goes for Georgia, despite some holes in its resume. The Crimson Tide has won two of the last three national titles, and it took a valiant effort from Johnny Manziel a week after a hard-fought win at LSU for Nick Saban’s squad to actually lose. For Georgia, let’s just say the schedule-makers were kind. No Texas A&M. No LSU. No Alabama, until now. In the East, Georgia was embarrassed by South Carolina, but it escaped the Cocktail Party with a win over Florida and thus has an 11-1 record. Winning the SEC with a one-loss record is enough to punch a team's ticket.

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