Turns Out Bye-Bye Bynum Was Good for L.A.

Turns Out Bye-Bye Bynum Was Good for L.A.

Good, solid year for the Lakers so far.


They are on their third head coach this season. Their win Saturday night got them back to a .500 record, and was their first of the year on the road. One major acquisition, Steve Nash, has a broken leg; the other, Dwight Howard, is still less than fully recovered from back surgery. Pau Gasol’s name has been dropped in trade rumors again. The high point for Kobe Bryant so far might have been his reaction to a small-college kid scoring 138 points in a game.

And Andrew Bynum may not play a single game all year.


Wait ... that actually is good news for the Lakers. Maybe the only good news. It’s a shame for Bynum, of course, but he’s no longer the Lakers’ problem. In the middle of this circus, they couldn’t have handled one more.


If their presumed non-stop flight to the NBA Finals gets diverted -- and if it’s not already, they don’t have much time to get back on schedule -- their only solace will be in their former center-of-the-future’s pain.

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