Rutgers Faces All-or-Nothing Showdown

Rutgers Faces All-or-Nothing Showdown

Kyle Flood will either be in charge during the greatest season in Rutgers history or one of its biggest disappointments. This is the reality facing the rookie head coach. There is no middle ground.

Is that fair? Probably not. But one season into his tenure, Flood already faces a game that will shape how his fan base and the national media will view his program and him as a leader.

Beat Louisville on Thursday night, and the Scarlet Knights finally will head to that elusive BCS bowl, a boon for recruiting, exposure and the bottom line. Lose, and the program will have blown its best shot to date — maybe its best shot for a very long time with the move to the Big Ten looming — and will deal with the jabs that Rutgers is a Big Ten team in TV market only.

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