Scratch Heisman as Part of Te'o's Tale

Scratch Heisman as Part of Te'o's Tale

For a guy who preaches the importance of focus, Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly isn’t averse to allowing his gaze to wander on occasion.

A few weeks ago, he veered from his stated mission of controlling what he can control and politicked for the Fighting Irish as the No. 1 team in the nation. At the time, Notre Dame was ranked third in the BCS standings. Then Miracle Saturday arrived, with No. 1 Kansas State and No. 2 Oregon losing and USC quarterback Matt Barkley, the leader of the Irish’s next opponent, going down with a shoulder injury. All hallelujah broke loose at the Grotto on Notre Dame’s campus that night.

Now Kelly is pushing linebacker Manti Te’o for the Heisman Trophy, arguing that if the award continues to do an end-around on defensive players, the people at the Heisman Trust might as well get it over with and hand it out exclusively to offensive players.

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