49ers' QB Switch Just Might Work

49ers' QB Switch Just Might Work

Even when it feels like something entirely new has come along in the NFL -- like the head coach of a leading Super Bowl contender making a late-season starting quarterback change -- it's usually not all that novel. Not entirely.

The quarterback drama playing out in San Francisco is captivating, with pun intended regarding the emergence of Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith. But it's not as if the 49ers would be the first team to ride a pair of starting quarterbacks to a Super Bowl berth -- if they are so destined. They wouldn't even be the first in the Bay Area.

Due to either injury or ineffectiveness, plenty of teams have changed starters somewhere along the way during the course of their Super seasons. The 1987 Washington Redskins waited until the playoffs began to name Doug Williams their No. 1 quarterback, even though Williams had started just two games that year in place of the injured Jay Schroeder.

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