Babin Just Reid's Latest Scapegoat

Babin Just Reid's Latest Scapegoat

Andy Reid spoke to the fans for 18 minutes Tuesday during his weekly media briefing at the NovaCare Complex, and although he went into some thoughtful analysis of the Eagles and the NFL - "Anybody can win any Sunday" - he didn't find time to mention that one of the supposed leaders of his team was about to be booted onto Pattison Avenue.

There's no denying that defensive end Jason Babin was having a bad year, or that his sack fetish had overwhelmed the basic function of his position, but if you're going to roast a scapegoat, you ought to have the courage to do it in a forum that will incur real questions about the move.

The list of players having bad years, just like the list of coaches having bad years, is not a short one in the Eagles organization. If Reid released all the players who haven't done well this season, the team wouldn't be able to play six-on-six against the Cowboys on Sunday night.

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