Tiger Gets a Victory - on Belly Putters

Tiger Gets a Victory - on Belly Putters

As victories go, Tiger Woods was more than happy to talk about the one that served as a bridge from a forgettable part of his career to something he’s more accustomed to.

Last year’s emphatic birdie, birdie finish erased a one-stroke deficit and carried him past Zach Johnson in the World Challenge. Disregard the unofficial status that the World Challenge carries, to Woods it was a massive achievement, since the man who used to win nearly ever time he teed it up hadn’t recorded a triumph since the fall of 2009. The win cannot be understated, especially since it catapulted Woods to three PGA Tour triumphs in 2012.

Yet as Woods met reporters in advance of this year’s World Challenge Tuesday, he was asked about a different sort of victory – the sense that he’s on the winning side in this anchoring debate that has been raging for months. Woods shrugged, seemingly taking very little credit for the announcement that will take anchoring out of the game by 2016.

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