Baseball's Postseason Not All About the Money

Baseball's Postseason Not All About the Money

They're saying competitive balance is going to be a thing of the past. They're saying the Dodgers are going to rule the world.


Hey, it could happen.


The Dodgers are spending money like crazy. At first, they were spending it to tell their fans a new era had arrived.


And they enjoyed it so much, they apparently intend to keep spending.


The Dodgers could win the Zack Greinke sweepstakes, and just to show they're not kidding, they may sign Kyle Lohse, too.


They're spending so freely, it's like the year the Yankees showed up at Spring Training with 21 current or former All-Stars on the roster. By Opening Day, fans were fretting over the seventh guy in the rotation and the sixth guy in the bullpen.


That Yankees team was constructed during an offseason when George Steinbrenner was furious at doing things general manager Brian Cashman's way. The Boss took charge, and by Opening Day, a lot of us were conceding a championship to the Bombers.


Only thing is, they didn't win.

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