Big East Basketball Boutique Looks Like K-Mart

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You're better than this, St. John's. So are you, Georgetown. And you, Seton Hall. And Providence. And Villanova. All of you are better than what the Big East -- not merely your conference, but the conference you created -- is doing to you.


But you list along during conference realignment like fish on an oil slick, endangered to the point of extinction, too sick or scared to do anything about it. It's pathetic. You're some of the last remaining members of the Big East as it was so boldly founded in 1979 -- Villanova joined in 1980; close enough -- and you're better than pathetic. Or you should be.


But you're not listening, so no more talking to you. I'll talk about you now, which puts me in the minority, because hardly anybody is talking about St....

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